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Theme and Topics

The theme of the International Conference is: “Supporting Sustainable Development for Belt and Road Region (B&R) Using Big Earth Data”. The symposium will address the following topics:

Topic 1: Digital Earth and Spatial Data Infrastructure

  • Digital earth and integrated earth observation system
  • Network of satellite, constellation and virtual ground station
  • Spatial data infrastructure and data sharing
  • Big earth data processing and application
  • Regional cooperation and GEOSS

Topic 2: Remote Sensing for Agriculture Monitoring and Food Security

  • Monitoring on agri-climatic, agronomic, production, as well as crop disease
  • Early warning on food security
  • Big data for agriculture
  • Climate change impact on agriculture and risk analysis

Topic 3: Environmental Monitoring and Analysis for Sustainable Development and Management of Coast and Sea

  • Port and port cities development: status and planning
  • Coastal ecosystem and environment: monitoring and designing policy recommendation
  • Sustainable development and utilization of the coast
  • Acquisition, analysis, and simulation of oceanic information
  • Marine disaster prevention/mitigation and integrated coastal zone management
  • Marine environment protection and resource utilization

Topic 4: Remote Sensing for Global Environment Change

  • Terrestrial ecosystem change
  • Land use and land cover changes
  • Ecosystems and global change
  • Environment change and adaptation/mitigation of arid and semi-arid regions
  • Environment change and adaptation/mitigation of temperate and boreal forest regions
  • Environment change and adaptation/mitigation of tropical and subtropical regions

Topic 5: Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Development

  • Earth observations for global change impacts on natural and cultural heritage
  • Remote sensing and gis analysis for risk monitoring and conservation of natural and cultural heritage
  • Integrated applications of spaceborne, airborne and ground-based remote sensing in archaeolandscape
  • Space information technology for sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage
  • Space information technology for past human-environment interactions along the belt and road

Topic 6: Big Earth Data for Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Innovative technologies for disaster reduction
  • Distribution, sharing, and integration of disaster information and product
  • Collaboration mechanisms for disaster risk reduction in the belt and road

Topic 7: Remote Sensing for Water Resources

  • Observation capabilities for water cycle in the Belt and Road regions (in-situ and satellite)
  • Advances in fundamental physical processes in water cycle: modelling and data assimilation
  • Current and future products for water resources: quantification of uncertainties
  • Applications in water resources and water use: adaptation of water management systems under climate change/infrastructure development, water harvesting, water productivity and water accounting, drought and flood monitoring, high elevation hydrology, etc.
  • Applications relevance to other DBAR themes and future plans for observation of water resources

Topic 8: Urban Environment and Sustainable Urban Development

  • Earth observation for urban mapping , monitoring and assessment
  • Urbanization and environmental impacts
  • Urban ecology and urban sustainability
  • Urban heat island effect and urban climate
  • Urban resilience and disaster risk management
  • Big data and smart city construction

Topic 9: Observations and Adaption to Changes in High Mountain and Arctic Cold Regions

  • Earth observations and geophysical parameters retrieval technique
  • Data assimilation and integration of in-situ and remote sensing
  • Climatology data products, assessment and time series analysis in last decades
  • Hydrological processes and ecological change in three pole regions
  • Teleconnections of changes between arctic and high mountain area
  • Ecosystem effects, climatic and societal impacts of and adaption to changes


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