Dr. Fang Qiu,
University of Texas at Dallas

Spectral Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on a Neuro-fuzzy System
Dr. Le Wang,
University at Buffalo, the State University of New York (SUNY)
High-resolution Satellite Remote Sensing for Monitoring Coastal Mangroves Forests in Prevention of Potential Hurricane and Tsunami
Dr. Aijun Chen,
George Mason University and NASA
Visualization of NASA Remote Sensing Satellite Data in Google Earth
Dr. Dengsheng Lu,
Auburn University
1: Use of Impervious Surface in Urban Land Use Classification
2: Regional Mapping of Human Settlements in the Southeastern China with Multisensor Remotely Sensed Data

Dr. Qing Xu,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

SAR Application to Oceanography: Internal Waves and Ocean Surface Wind Retrieval
Dr. Liming Jiang,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

From DInSAR to PSInSAR: Concept, Applications and Challenges in Ground Deformation Monitoring

Post-workshop Program: site visiting of CUHK Satellite Remote Sensing Ground Receiving Station

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