Master of Science in Earth System Science (Full Time & Part Time)


Earth system science is a study of the Earth as an integrated system with its major components of atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. As all the components are interdependent, their interactions always define and control the state and dynamic processes of the Earth.

With rapid industrialization and population growth around the world in recent decades, human activities have been increasingly exerting numerous influences, including adverse impacts such as global warming and loss of biodiversity on the Earth system. Deforestation, over-cultivation and pollution, to name a few, are the main causes of natural and manmade disasters which can be found in the whole world every year. To deal with environmental challenges at global, regional and local scales, it is believed that a better understanding of the Earth system components and their interactions would provide crucial help for making better decisions to manage natural resources and protect our environment. Therefore, Earth system science has become a key area of learning for scientists and professionals to study our planet and place the development of human society on a sustainable track.

To meet this growing demand, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, as a leading institute in the field of GeoInformation Science and Earth System Science in Hong Kong, offers the first and unique Master of Science program in Earth System Science in the territory.

This taught master program has been designed to provide a solid theoretical framework of the Earth system components and their interactions. It also introduces the latest remote sensing and geo-spatial information technologies which are the advanced and powerful tools for monitoring and analyzing the Earth components and their changes.

Students can study in either one year full-time or two years part-time program. The full-time program provides a platform for experienced professionals or fresh graduates from universities to pursue an intensive course of study. It is expected to attract non-local students coming from Mainland China, Southeastern Asia and other parts of the world. The part-time program provides a flexible mode of study for local civil servants and commercial and academic professionals to pursue this degree.

Upon completion of the program, students will be equipped with:

  1. Conceptual knowledge and in-depth scientific understanding of components of the Earth system and their complex and dynamic interactions,
  2. Technical know-how for solving decision problems of Earth system and improving resource management for the present and future generations, and
  3. Enhanced capability and competitiveness in the development of a career related to earth science research and application.


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Institute of Space and Earth Information Science,
Fok Ying Tung Remote Sensing Science Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

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