Deadline Job Vacancy Details
Jul 31, 2015 Position: Part-time Teaching on Outside Practice Mode

The Master of Sciences in Earth System Science and National Geo-survey and Public Policy will like to offer the following courses to students in the coming academic year.

Course Code

Course Title


ESGS 4005 Understanding our Biosphere 2nd
ESGS 5001 Earth System Science 1st
ESGS 5002? Special Topic in Geoinformation Science 1st
ESGS 5003 Tansportation Applications of GIS 1st
ESGS 5004 Earth's Lithosphere 1st
ESGS 5005 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing of Hydrospheric Changes 2nd?
ESGS 5006 Principles of Hydrology 2nd
ESGS 5008 Geodetic Science and Global Reference System 2nd
ESGS 5009 Research Methods 2nd
ESGS 5010 Terrain Analysis and Digital Terrain Modelling Summer
ESGS 5011 Introduction to National Geo-survey and Public Policy 1st
ESGS 5012 Introduction to Earth Environmental Simulations 2nd
ESGS 5013 Physical Oceanography 1st
ESGS 5014 Atmospheric Science# 2nd
ESGS 5015 Spatial Analysis for Public Policy 2nd
ESGS 5016 Urban Networks 2nd
ESGS 5017 Geoinformation Technologies for Risk and Crises Management 2nd
ESGS 5018 Environmental Remote Sensing Technology 1st
ESGS 5060 Seminars in Geoinformation Science 1st
ESGS 6061 Project in National Geo-survey and Public Policy? Summer
ESGS 6062 Projects in Earth Science? Summer

* Term Dates:
1st term: 7 September 2015 (Mon) íV 5 December 2015 (Sat)
2nd term:11 January 2016 (Mon) íV 23 April 2016 (Sat)
Summer term: 16 May 2016 (Mon) íV 2 July 2016 (Sat)

We would like to invite applications for part-time teaching positions from fulltime faculty members to teach those courses on Outside Practice mode. Duties will include teaching related service such as course preparation, course teaching, student counseling, marking and grading, etc. Applicants should possess the related qualification or have a higher degree in related area. Related teaching experiences will be an advantage. The remuneration will be HK$1400- 2300 per hour. Actual rate will be commensurate with qualifications and experiences.

Interested applicants should send an application email to Prof. Lin Hui, Program Director at or before 31 July 2015. Applicants may be invited to attend an interview if necessary.