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Research Staff

Photo Name Specialized Area

Dr. Weitao CHE

Virtual Geographic Environments

Dr. Zhaoyun CHEN

Physical oceanography  

Ms. Yulin DING

Virtual Geographic Environments

Ms. Donley FUNG

Geographical Information Science

Dr. Mingyuan HU

Virtual Geographic Environments

Mr. Baolin JIANG

WRF/CHEM Numerical Simulation

Mr. Ka Hing LI

Physical Oceanography

Ms. Jiamin OU

Air Pollutant Emission Source Apportionment

Dr. Matthew PANG

Geographical Information Science (GIS)
Dynamic, Spatio-temporal Data Models
Global Positioning System
Education Researches with GIS

Dr. Guibo SUN

Healthy city
Transit-oriented development
Built environment and non-motorized travel


SAR Image Receiving and Preliminary Processing