Research Students

Photo Name Specialized Area

Mr. Jie CHEN

Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and Tomography
Phase Unwrapping


Visual Geographic Environment and Close-range Photogrammetry

Mr. Xianzhi HU

RS Application and Construction of
RS Information Platform

Mr. Wenfeng LAI

Ocean Numerical Modeling and Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling

Mr. Gang LI

SAR Remote Sensing and INSAR Application

Mr. Zhiqiang LI

The Environmental and Social Cost of Urbanization
The Planning and Monitoring System of Sustainable Urban Development

Mr. Tianpeng LIN

Virtual Geographic Environments

Mr. Zhen LIU


Mr. Peifeng MA

SAR Interferometry and Tomography

Ms. Jing WANG

Spatial-temporal Image Fusion

Mr. Jingkai WANG

Urban Resilience Evaluation

Mr. Kunhui YE

Land-atmosphere interaction over Eurasia and its influence on spring and summer climate variabilities over Asia

Mr. Zhaocheng ZENG

Spatial and Spatiotemporal Statistics for Remote Sensing Data


Virtual Geographic Environments
Sensor Technology and Application

Mr. Zhuoyi ZHAO

Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Student's Life

In addition to academic research, our research students also participated in different leisure activities.