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Teaching Staff

Photo Name Specialized Area

Professor Xu Guanhua

Wei Lun Research Professor of Space and Earth Sciences

Professor Put O. ANG, Jr.

Algal Ecology, Systematics and Phylogeography;
Coral Ecology, Population and Community Dynamics;
Conservation Biology;
Environmental Impact Assessment, especially on Marine Coastal Environment

Professor Yongqin CHEN, David

Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling

Professor Lee Man CHU

Industrial Ecology and Pollution Studies

Dr. WONG, Chun Janice

Correlations between urban form and urban economy
Methodology of urban planning
Urban and regional planning

Professor Ngar Cheung LAU, Gabriel

Structure and dynamics of atmospheric circulation systems
Large-scale atmosphere-ocean interaction
Model simulation of atmospheric variability on different time scales
Regional impacts of climate change

Dr. Rongrong LI

Geographic Information Systems
GIS for Transportation/Logistics
Spatial Optimization
Remote Sensing Applications

Professor Hui LIN

Virtual Geographic Environments & Remote Sensing

Professor Sai Leung NG

Soil Erosion and Conservation
Environmental Management
Geopark & Geoconservation
Quality of Life

Professor Jiayi PAN

Coastal Ocean Dynamics, Satellite Oceanography, Marine Remote Sensing Physics, Ocean Numerical Modelling, Air-Sea Interaction, Ocean Surface and Internal Waves

Dr. Matthew PANG

Geographical Information Science (GIS)
Dynamic, Spatio-temporal Data Models
Global Positioning System
Education Researches with GIS

Professor Hanqiu SUN

Virtual Reality
Iinteractive Graphics/Animation
Real-time Hypermedia

Professor Chong Kim WONG

Ecology of Marine Cladocerans;
Biogeography of Marine Copepods in the Northern of Part of the South China Sea;
Effects of Suspended Sediments on Marine Organisms;
Development of Tests for Assessing the Environmental Effects of Chemicals, Sediments and Effluents using Aquatic Iinvertebrates;
Ecology of Marine Fishes in Mangrove Habitats

Professor Steve YIM

Regional and Urban Air Quality
Urban Climatology

Professor Wyss YIM

Environmental Earth Sciences

Professor Hongsheng ZHANG

Urban Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing of Environment and Natural Disasters
Multi-sensor Image Fusion
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition