JGIS Vol. 12, Number 1, Jun 2006

Page Title Author(s) Abstract Full Paper
GIS-based Spatial Analysis of Tai Place Names in Southern China: An Exploratory Study of Methodology Fahui Wang, John Hartmann,
Pingwen Huang
An Interface between the Agricultural Non-Point Source (AGNPS) Pollution Model and ERDAS Imagine Geographic Information System (GIS) Micheal P. Finn, E.Lynn Usery,
Duoglas J. Scheidt,
Gregory M. Jaromack,
Timothy D. Krupinski
Dynamic Data Retrieval and Distance Decay of Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) in Three Dimensional Visualizations Wenji Zhao, Tao Tang,
Huili Gong, Fushou Duan,
Ying Mo
Mapping the Vulnerability to Potential Toxic Substance Releases from Industrial Facilities under Emergency Situations: A Case Study of Galveston, Texas Xuwei Chen,
F. Benjamin Zhan
A Web-based Survey on DIgital Elevation Models Mandla V. Ravibabu,
Karnal Jain
Spatial Web Protal for Building Spatial Data Infrastructure Chaowei Phil Yang, Ying Cao,
John Evans, Menas Kafatos,
Myra Bambacus
Susceptibility and Infection Risk of Schistosomiasis Disease An Zhao, Shuming Bao,
Peng Gong