JGIS Vol. 14, Number 1, Jun 2008

Page Title Author(s) Abstract Full Paper
Research on Earth-Surface Interaction Mechanism, Process and Dynamics of Human-Earth System: Case Study on the Geographic Belt Transect from Shenzhen in Guangdong Province to Bayanhaote in Inner Mongolia Province of China Peijun Shi, Weihua Fang,
Jing Liu, Meiqin Zhou,
Fei He, Qiu Pu, Juan DU,
Jing Zheng
Preliminary Results of Satellite Radar Differential Interferometry for the Co-seismic Deformation of the 12 May 2008 Ms8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake Linlin Ge, Kui Zhang,
Alex Ng, Yusen Dong,
Hsing-chung Chang,
Chris Rizos
Satellite-Based Modeling of Anopheles Mosquito Densities on Heterogeneous Land Cover in Western Thailand A. Charoenpanyanet,
X. Chen
Using Multi-Scale Spatial Data in Landslide Mornitoring and Landuse Classification Interpretation Tienyin Chou,
Chihheng Liu, Meilin Yeh,
Yingchih Chen
Detecting Landscape Changes Pre- and Post Surface Coal Mining in Indiana, USA Jiansheng (Jason) Yang
Delimited Stroke Oriented Algorithm-Working Principle and Implementation for the Matching of Road Networks Meng Zhang, Liqiu Meng
An Efficient Algorithm for Raster-to-Vector Data Conversion Junhua Teng, Fahui Wang,
Yu Liu
A Model to Estimate Horizontal Errors within Existing Manually Digitized Maps Georgios A. Achilleos