JGIS Vol. 14, Number 2, Dec 2008

Page Title Author(s) Abstract Full Paper
Study of Component Aerosol Direct Radiative Effect over the Asian Region Tom X. -P. Zhao
A New Alogrithm for Retrieving Aerosal Optical Thickness Using TERRA/MODIS Satellite Images Man Sing Wong,
Janet Nichol,
Kwon Ho Lee, Zhanqing Li
Variations of Aerosol and Wet Deposition in Hong Kong: Preliminary Results Long S. CHIU,
Kwok-cheung LOK
Quantitative Detection of Area of Lakes in the West of China Ruixia Liu, Yujie Liu
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Rain Gauge Data and TRMM Rainfall Retrievals in Hong Kong Wing Fung James WONG,
Long Sang CHIU
Seasonal Snow Monitoring in North East China Using Space-borne Sensors: Preliminary Results Kaishan Song,
Yuanzhi Zhang, Cui Jin,
Su Yan, Long S. Chiu
Wind Field Variations in the Tropical Pacific Ocean from Satellite Scatterometer Data Ho Chung-ru,
ZHENG Zhe-wen,
LIN Chun-yi,
KUO Nan-jung,
TSAO Chih-chung
Development and Application of Renewable Energy Map Analysis Program in the Philippines Carlos M. Pascual,
Phebe M. Pasion,
Irma P. Acebedo,
Fredelito I. Yadao,
Norman A. Aguinaldo,
Elizabeth P. Pascual