The Development of a High-efficiency Integrated PS-InSAR Platform and Early-warning System

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lin Hui

Start Date: 2011/11/01
End Date: 2013/10/31
Type of Grant: Innnovation & Technology Fund

The objective of this project is to provide early-waring service before geo-hazards occurrence based on high accurate, large-scale land subsidence derived by PS-InSAR technologies. We plan to develop an efficient PS-InSAR (Persistent Scatterers SAR Interferometry) processing platform and early-warning system. With the aid of deformation models development and integration, the platform is capable of providing deformation and early-warning information for city groups, high-speed transportation lines as well as instable slopes which cannot be found in any of the software tools in the market.

Based on the already developed technologies, the integrated PS-InSAR platform developed in the university will overcome the A-PSI limitations (e.g. sparse and low quality PS candidates in sparse vegetation slopes, weak monitoring capability for large-scale linear features and city groups) through model modification and optimization. We plan to introduce parallel computation technologies, conquer the key technologies including multi-source SAR data cross fusion, new-style PS model development, GIS-based simulation and intelligent decision, to serve large-scale geo-hazards investigation as well as linear structures deformation monitoring.

The developed platform will offer ground subsidece surveillance of Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta (PRD), which is significant for geo-hazards early-warning & intelligent decision, providing technical solutions for satellite earth observation, software development and add-valued product dissemination in Hong Kong.