Developments of Key Technologies and Demonstration Systems for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Water Quality and Quantity Remote Sensing Monitoring

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lin Hui

Start Date: 2012/05/01
End Date: 2014/04/30
Type of Grant: Innnovation & Technology Fund

To date, it is clear that cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao should be strengthened. More research also is essential, specifically regarding the reduction of gross pollution emissions by 8 to 10 percent. In addition, the water environmental protection of PRD has engaged with the Integrative Planning of the Environmental Protection in PRD (2009-2020). This emphasizes strengthening the regional collaborative linkages, constructing an integrative platform of environmental monitoring, and realizing the shared and collaborative management of environmental information among different departments. With this in mind, the study on constructing a unified and synergistic system for water environment analysis in PRD area are proposed as interdisciplinary and comprehensive research using multiple methods and fields. Based on the analysis of the fusion techniques of multisource, multi-date, and isomerous images, a database for integrating remote sensing monitoring data of water quality and quantity, actual measurement data, and relevant basic geographical data (watercourse data, section data, and Digital Elevation Model) will be developed.

Combining the research on general analytical methods and models, the capsulation mechanism of analytical methods and models will be designed. Lastly, using GIS integration techniques, an integrative monitoring demonstrative platform of water quality and quantity will be developed to assist collaborative research and decision making among the functional departments of the three regions. The goal is to promote the sustainable use of the water resources in PRD to achieve sustainable economic development and increase the informatization of the PRD region.