The Influence of Built Environments on Asthma among HK Schoolchildren by Using GIS and Remote Sensing

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lin Hui

Start Date: 2007/01/19
End Date: 2007/01/19
Type of Grant: Direct Grant for Research (2006-2007)- 1st Round

Asthma is important global health problems. Some 300 million people are living with asthma. It is an allergic condition characterized by an exaggerated response of the bodyˇ¦s immune system. Although there are genetic factors which predispose to the development of asthma, exposure to certain environmental factors may contribute significantly to the risk of developing the disease. Allergic individuals develop asthma attacks when there is a trigger, which can be an allergen or an irritant. The following will give some detailed information on current research on asthma from the aspects of environmental factors. The environmental risk factors for asthma originate from the hygiene hypothesis which was put forward in 1989. Early life environments, indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution are the three main aspects discussed.