Development of the Disaster Monitoring and Warning Information System for the Fishery Industry in the Pearl River Delta Region

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lin Hui

Start Date: 2007/03/01
End Date: 2009/02/28
Type of Grant: Innnovation & Technology Fund
Awarded Amount: HK$1,999,873

Fishery accounts for 23% of agricultural production in PRD. However, with the increasing environmental crises in Southern China, ocean disasters such as red tide, oil spill and other ocean pollution problems become serious threats to the fishery.

This project is a co-operation between the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (SCSIO) of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It aims to develop innovative technologies for near real time monitoring and warning of ocean disasters.

With the CUHK¡¦s Satellite Remote Sensing Receiving Station and SCSIO¡¦s disaster warming models as the foundations, the Project Team will develop new multi-dimensional dynamic monitoring methods, scientific workflow management and intelligent information extraction techniques. We will also integrate the technologies and develop ASP services for near real time ocean disasters analysis and warning. The GuangDong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Administration has agreed to use the ASP services and will provide us the evaluations.

This project not only develop innovative technologies for the fishery in PRD, as the Remote Sensing Data are captured and distributed in CUHK, the project will also help the Hong Kong Information Technology Service Providers to open the new market of fishery / ocean information services.