Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing

Hyperspectral remote sensing takes advantage of new detector technology to permit the extension of ground-based spectrometers into the air on moving platforms. Thus, the distinct value of obtaining continuous spectral plots that measure reflectance from the ground, water, or the atmosphere has opened up the possibility of acquiring detailed data on the materials and classes present on the Earth's surfaces, so that rigorous analysis of their compositions over large areas is now feasible.

  • Image cube of imaging spectrometer
  • Spectral reflectance curve

With rapid urban development in Hong Kong area, its subtropical environment is increasingly vulnerable to human impact. Therefore, it is necessary to establish reliable and effective mechanisms for monitoring of environment in Hong Kong area since the preservation of environment resources is very important for sustainable development of Hong Kong.

Hyperspectral remote sensing has the potential to offer a timely and cost effective method for deriving information of environment resources in vast areas, its applications will provide us with a powerful tool for monitoring of environment resources in Hong Kong area.