Impervious Surface Mapping Using Remotely Sensed Data and Its Application in Urban Studies

Principal Investigator: Dr. Zhang Lu

Start Date: 2007/01/01
End Date: 2008/01/31
Type of Grant: Direct Grant for Research (2006-2007) - 1st Round
Awarded Amount: HK$1,999,873

Impervious surface has been recently recognized as an important environmental indicator that characterizes the development of urban and suburban environments. The objective of this project is to develop a new approach for impervious surface percent (ISP) mapping and investigate its application in urban studies. The overall research plan includes: (1) develop a new method for ISP mapping using both optical and InSAR data; (2) investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of urban change detection using ISP mapping; (3) explore the forming mechanism of UHI by quantitatively investigating the relationship between UHI and urban landscape features including impervious surfaces, topographic relief, vegetation and water coverage, etc.