Development of Comprehensive Methodologies for Paddy Rice Yield Monitoring Using ENVISAT ASAR Data

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lin Hui

Paddy rice accounts for about 42% of the Mainland China¡¦s total agricultural production. An effective management of paddy rice production is the key to address China's as well as global food security issue. Besides, with China's entry to WTO, a scientific methodology to paddy rice yield estimation is essential to the nation's agricultural planning and policy making.

Paddy rice is indigenous to warm and humid environment and it is impractical to use optical remote sensing satellite in those cloud-prone and rainy regions. "All-weather" Radar Remote Sensing becomes the only possible satellite data source. This project, collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture of PRC, targets to build a comprehensive methodology for paddy rice classification, growing parameters retrieval algorithm and yield estimation.

The developed methodology can be adopted readily in rice growth monitoring and yield estimation for most paddy rice fields interested by local governments and private agricultural companies. Besides, the products also provide a valuable reference to the investors of global rice futures market. This proposed project will open new business opportunities to the local Hong Kong companies.