Learning Geography from the Space- Introducing Satellite Remote Sensing Technology to the Geography Teaching of Hong Kong

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lin Hui

Project Ref No: TQ063315
Start Date: 2006/07/01
End Date: 2008/02/29
Type of Grant: Qualify Education Fund
Awarded Amount: HK$554,600

Provide trainings, supports, teaching materials (including Remote Sensing Data and Software) and free Internet-based Remote Sensing Resources for geography teachers to incorporate satellite remote sensing technology in the Geography teaching.

Geography and students of secondary school
Expected Number of beneficiaries: Up to 10 partnered secondary schools in the first stage of the project and 30 secondary schools in the second stage. And 370,000 student and teachers in long-term.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Duration: 20 months
    • Stage 1: 7 months. Design, develop, implement, evaluate the teaching material and conduct the training for teachers of ten partnered secondary school.
    • Stage 2: 13 months. With the products developed in the Stage 1, implement the project to at least 30 secondary schools and produce the final conclusions on the project.
    • Continuous after the completion of the project: Conduct repetitive CPD training courses to the geography teachers.
  2. Collaboration with other parties / partners:
    • Up to 10 partnered schools in the first phase; 30 schools in the second phase; ~ 15 schools / teachers in every 3 months after completion of the project.

Computer-assisted learning material using Satellite Remote Sensing Images and Software coving the subject e.g. water quality monitoring; global climate change; rain forest, urban study, land use of Hong Kong; Land cover changes.

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