A Study on the Advanced SAR Interferometry for Monitoring Urban Ground Deformation

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jiang Liming

Start Date: 2007/04/16
End Date: 2008/04/15
Type of Grant: Direct Grant for Research (2006-2007)- 2nd Round

Urban ground deformation is serious environmental hazard with rapid urbanization in Hong Kong and the Mainland China. More than 70 cities in China are undergoing natural or human-induced subsidence. The ground deformation hazards threaten human activities and cultural heritage, thus influencing the socio-economic conditions of a city. Driven by safety requirement and legal liability, local/regional government and civil engineering industry have great demands on ground displacement monitoring, especially in major cities of China.

Satellite Permanent Scatterers Interferometry (PSI) is a promising radar remote sensing technology that offers low cost, large-coverage deformation monitoring and up to sub-millimeter accuracy. However, due to insufficient archive images available to many China and Asian cities, PSI can hardly be widely applied in the region. Moreover, the constant-velocity deformation model also limits PSI to identify non-linear deformation behaviour, for example, for the landslide monitoring. This proposed project aims to develop the Advanced PSI (A-PSI) to overcome PSIíŽs limitations in the region. A-PSI relaxes the PSIíŽs constraints of availability of SAR data and can be applied in linear or non-linear deformation (e.g. landslide) scenarios. The developed technology can be applied to areas of interests even with a limited SAR archive images (e.g. China and other countries in Asian) and can improve precision and reliability of the estimation of deformation parameters.