Scale Adaptability Study based on Process Simulation - a Case Study of Air Quality Process in GPRD

Principal Investigator: Prof. Lin Hui

Start Date: 2013/01/20
End Date: 2015/01/18
Type of Grant: Direct Grant

Scale is a fundamental concept in geography. Although multiscale data, models, etc., are taken into account to study geography, due to scale dependence, the scale mismatching may cause adverse results. Especially, when it comes to the dynamic and interactive geographic process, scale compatibility is becoming much more crucial to decode geographic process.

Serious air quality condition in the GPRD (Great Pearl River Delta) is attracting ubiquitous attentions from both Mainland China and Hong Kong. However, because of the multiscale characteristic of geographic process, air quality process becomes complex and both regional and local effect should be concerned. Numerical air pollution modeling systems have made great contribution to provide a science-based picture, nevertheless scale mismatching considering data, models and visualization may be cause confused results. Thus, multiscale system and scale matching is significant to study and manage air quality problem.

This project will focus on scale compatibility in geographic process with case study of air quality in the GPRD. Achievements of this project should greatly contribute to a better cognition of multiscale issues and scale compatibility concerning geographic process, and the multiscale Virtual Geographic Environments (VGE) will also contribute to the air quality understanding and management.