Development of A Realtime Monitoring System for Hong Kong Offshore Dynamic Characteristics Based on Satellite Remote Sensing

Principal Investigator: Prof. Pan Jiayi

Start Date: 2013/05/01
End Date: 2014/10/31
Type of Grant: Innnovation & Technology Fund

The geographic location of Hong Kong specifies that the marine environment has significant impacts on economics and society of Hong Kong, and coastal marine hazards and pollution greatly threaten its living and ecological environment. The project aims at establishing a satellite remote sense-based system for monitoring Hong Kong marine dynamic environments. The project will focus on developing new highly precise satellite data algorithms and software for retrieval of accurate ocean dynamic parameters. Hong Kong Real-time monitoring data from the system will improve accuracy of marine environmental forecast for Hong Kong coastal waters, assist the marine ecological environment protection and disaster mitigation, and help to build up a sustainable marine environment for the Hong Kong coastal water.