Development of a Novel, Fine Prediction System of Storm Surge Inundation for Hong Kong Coastal Area

Principal Investigator: Prof. Pan Jiayi

Start Date: 2014/05/01
End Date: 2015/10/31
Type of Grant:

Innnovation & Technology Fund

With so many typhoon passages each year, the Hong Kong coastal area is strongly influenced by extremely strong wind events during the typhoon season. The typhoon related storm surges can induce disastrous inundations in the Hong Kong coastal area, resulting in serious casualty and property loss.? Thus, rapid and precise prediction of the storm surge-induced inundations is of great importance to mitigation of inundation disasters in the coastal area of Hong Kong. Because of the complexity in Hong Kong coastal topography and elevation and the complicated interaction between storm-generated strong ocean currents and the coastal elevation, however, there has been no effective inundation prediction system that could be applied to the Hong Kong coastal area.

This project aims at developing a precise and fine prediction system for storm surge inundation in the Hong Kong coastal area with the satellite remote sensing technology on the platform of open source geographic information system (GIS), incorporating the enhanced Hong Kong coastal digital elevation model (DEM) database to provide an operational inundation forecast system for relevant users. The system will play an importance role in Hong Kong oceanic disaster mitigations.