Cartography and Geographic Information in Early Warning and Crises Management: Theory and Practice
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Course Objective

The course provides an introduction to the Early warning (EW) and Crises/Disaster Management(CM) area with enhancement of the role of geoinformatics and cartographic methods for improvement of appropriate and efficient solutions. The course will mainly introduce the concepts of EW and CM, as a part of Safety world research efforts, their synergy with sustainable development concept, the approaches, methodologies and best practices of the usage of GIS, cartography and remote sensing (RS) in EW and CM situation solutions in typical crises situations according to their types (earthquakes, tsunami, floods, fires, … terrorism), with special interest of investigation of individual inhabitant and decision makers needs (context and adaptibile cartography), lecture learned and best practices (especially from Japan, China, Indian Ocean, Europe, Australia, America). The target of lecture is to inform, explain, analyze, interpret and communicate the role of cartography and geoinformation in EW and CM situations and improvement of their use in adequate operations with aim to show their till now under-evaluated potentials and way how to integrate knowledge of cartographic, geographic, and ITC community to EW and CM into wide decision making process.


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