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工作坊 28/08/2007 香港中文大学 地球信息科学联合实验室十周年纪念



3:30-4:30 pm


GIS application on arsenic related toxicological aspects in an old tin mining area, Thailand

Speaker: Prof. ZHANG Jianjun, Public Health Department, Medical College, Shantou University, China
公开讲座 09/07/2005
香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 Application of GIS in Physician Shortage Area Designation

Speaker: Professor Luo Wei from the Department of Geography, North Illinoise University, USA


工作坊 15-17/06/2005 香港理工大学 APSG Workshop 2005- Geodynamics and Natural Hazards


公开讲座 09/06/2005
香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 Geospatial Decision Models for Assessing Wetland Vulnerability

Speaker: Professor Ji Wei from the Department of Geosciences, The University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA


公开讲座 18/05/2005
香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 Towards an Advancement of GIS: Spatial Data Modeling, Visualization an Analysis

Speaker: Prof. Bo Huang, Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada
公开讲座 06/05/2005 香港尖沙咀历史博物馆 Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters as seen from Space

Speaker: Prof. Hui Lin, Director, JLGIS


庆典 26/04/2005 香港中文大学崇基学院行政楼 Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement with Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute


工作坊 25-26/02/2005 香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 Scientific workshop for Cloud-prone and rainy area Remote Sensing


研讨会 27/01/2005 香港中文大学信和楼233室 Rice Model of Hyperspectual Remote Sensing

Speaker: Dr. Zhao Yongchao, Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, The Chinese Academcy of Sciences, China
公开讲座 26/01/2005 香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼一号演讲厅 Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters as seen from Space

Speaker: Prof. Hui Lin, Director, JLGIS


工作坊 20-21/01/2005 香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 Application Workshop for Cloud-prone and Rainy Area Remote Sensing


展览 09-11/12/2004 香港理工大学 Greater China GIS Conference, 2004
庆典 13/11/2004 香港中文大学崇基学院行政楼 Signing Ceremony of Letter of Intent between JLGIS & USGS EROs Data Centre


公开讲座 13/10/2004 香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 Investigation of Atmosphere Features over the Ocean using Spacebrone Synthetic Aperture Radar Image

Speaker: Professor Werner Alpers, Institute of Oceangraphy, University of Hamburg, Germany
展览 12-17/10/2004 深圳会展中心 China High Tech Fair 2004
研讨会 29/04/2004 香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 Seminar of Spatial Cognition & Its Application in Geography
Seminar of Geographic Spatial Pro-active Computation- The Unification of Graphics, Data, Models & Mental Imageries

Speaker: Professor Xuejun Lu, State Key Laboratory of Resources & Environmental Information System, IGSNRR, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
研讨会 12-13/03/2004 香港中文大学祖尧堂 The 9th Inter-University Seminar on Asian Megacities

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研讨会 12/02/2004
香港中文大学信和楼233室 Migration Scenarios and Western China Development: the Evidence from 2000 Population Census Data

Speaker: Dr. Shuming Bao, China Data Center, The University of Michigan, USA
研讨会 11/02/2004
香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼613室 A Flexible Competitive Neural Network for Eliciting User Preferences in Web Urban Spaces

Speaker: Professor Christophe Claramunt, Naval Academy Research Institute of France
研讨会 10/02/2004
香港沙田香港中文大学利黄瑶璧楼203室 Spatio-temporal GIS: Applications to transportation and geolifelines modelling

Speaker: Professor Christophe Claramunt, Naval Academy Research Institute of France
工作坊 15-16/12/2003 香港中文大学祖尧堂 International Advanced Workshop on Virtual Geographic Environments and Geocollaboration
工作坊 16-17/12/2002 香港中文大学祖尧堂 Advanced Workshop on InSAR for Measuring Topography and Deformation fo the Earth Surface
培训 23-27/09/2002 香港沙田香港中文大学地球信息科学联合实验室 Designing a GIS for Urban Planning
培训 11-14/03/2002 香港沙田香港中文大学地球信息科学联合实验室 Advanced Training Course on GIS-T and Logistics, Hong Kong
培训 06-14/12/2001 香港中文大学中国科技部国际空间信息技术培训研究院 Training Workshop on Natural Disaster Management Using Remote Sensing & GIS
培训 29-30/05/2001 深圳 Workshop on Virtual Reality and Geography, Shenzhen
培训 06-07/07/2000 香港中文大学信和楼四号演讲厅 Overseas Chinese Ocean-Atmosphere Remote Sensing Workshop, Hong Kong
培训 10-24/01/2000 香港沙田香港中文大学地球信息科学联合实验室 Training Course for GEO
培训 21-28/09/1998 香港沙田香港中文大学地球信息科学联合实验室 Croucher Advanced Study Institute - Radar Remote Sensing