日期 访客
28/01/2005 Dr. Zhao Yongchao & Dr. Liu Cheng Lin, Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, CAS & Dr. Ye Lei, East China Normal University
13/12/2004 Prof. Yu Wenxian, National University of Defense Technology
13/11/2004 Signing Ceremony of Letter of Intent between JLGIS & USGS EROS Data Center
12/11/2004 Prof. Dr. Bryan Bailey, The USGS EROS Data Center, USA
27/10/2004 Prof. Y L Yung, Planetary Science of Cattech, USA
13/10/2004 Prof. Werner Alpers, Institute of Oceangraphy, University of Hamburg, Germany
28/09/2004 Prof. Z. M. Zheng & Dr. Jin Xi Ma, Beihang University, China
31/08/2004 Prof. Di Liping from George Mason University, USA and Prof. Kenneth McDonald from US NASA
21/07/2004 Hong Kong Polic Force - Mr. Fung Kwok-on, Chief Superintendent, Border District Commendar, Ms. Helen Kwong, Superintendent of Police, Sha Tau Kok Division and their colleagues
21/07/2004 Souvenir Giving to Mr. Fung Kwok-on, Chief Superintendent, Border District Commander, Hong Kong Police Force
07/05/2004 Mr. Francois Brown de Colstoun, Director of European & International Relations, Mr. Pierre Nepomiastchy, Director of International Relations, Dr. Abdo Malac, Vice Consul (Academic & Sentific Affairs) from Institut National de Recherche et en Automatique, France (INRIA)
26/02/2004 Mr. Wenchang Yang, the Commisioner of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC to HKSAR
17/02/2004 Prof. Huixin Gong, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
13/02/2004 Prof. Lin signed Letter of Intent with Prof. Christophe Claramunt, French Naval Academy Research Institute for joint research programs on the maritime sustainable development
10/02/2004 Prof. Christophe Claramunt, French Naval Academy Research Institute
09/10/2003 Dr. Abdo Malac, Institut National de Recherche et en Automatique, France (INRIA)
30/09/2003 Mr. Francis Ho, Permamtemt Secretary for Commerce, Industry & Technology (CT), Commerce & Industry Branch
30/01/2002 Mr Mingwah Kwok, Vice President, Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre
01/2002 Mr. Yin Chang Chun, Division Chief of Education, Science and Technology Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R.
27/11/2001 Prof. Jean-Louis Le Mouel ,Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
22/11/2001 Mr. Jingcheng Li, President of Shenzhen High-Tech Science Park
11/2000 Prof. Jiyu Chen, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  Prof. Yiyu Chen, Chairman, China Committee of IGBP; Academician and Vice President, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  Dr. Choming Cheng, Senior Scientific Officer, HK Observatory; Mr. Edwin Ginn, Senior Scientific Officer, HK Observatory; Prof. Graham Miller Head, Construction and Building Sciences, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury
05/2000 Prof. Xianqi Chang, President of Institute of Command and Technology of Equipment, China
02/2000 Mr. Mikhail Y. Shumikhin, Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong
1999 Prof. Deren Li, President of Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping
1999 Prof. Wanmin Zhao, Chongqing Construction University
1999 Prof. Jinnan Liu, Vice-president of Wuhan Tech. Univ. of Surveying and Mapping
16/06/1999 Prof. Fengmi Jian, Deputy Director, Shanghai Urban Planning Administrative Bureau, China
05/1999 Prof. Jicheng Cheng, Beijing University, China
14/04/1999 Dr. Kathryn Moran, Program Manager, Ocean Drilling Program, USA
25/03/1999 Mr. Guanhua Xu, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, China
22/03/1999 Prof. Isao Tsukagoshi, Keio University, Japan
09/03/1999 Mr. Hak Chan, Deputy Director, Lands Department, HKSAR
06/03/1999 Mr. R.K.S. Chan, J. P. , Principal Government Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineering Department, HKSAR
04/02/1999 Dr. Guoliang Tian, Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of Remote Sensing Application, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, gave the Seminar on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information in Global Change Study
02/02/1999 Philip Rees, Co-ordinator, ESRC/JISC Census Program, UK Prof. of Population Geography, University of Leeds, UK, gave the Joint Seminar on the UK Census Programme: Toward "Y2K+1"
1998 Dr. Raymond Chien, Chairman, Industrial & Technology Development Council, HKSAR