Main theme:
Global Change, Adaptation and Risk Management

Themes: (include but not limited to)

  • New developments in early warning systems
  • GIS in emergency and crisis management
  • GIS in Education
  • GIS in Business Processes
  • New trends of technologies and research in GIS community
  • Geospatial data sharing and interoperability
  • Geospatial web services and service quality
  • Geospatial Grid computing
  • Geospatial Web portal
  • Analysis-oriented and standards-compliant WebGIS
  • Geographical information retrieval
  • Digital gazetteer
  • Geo-ontology
  • Spatial cognition
  • Spatial uncertainty and data quality
  • Multi-dimensional (2D, 3D, and 4D) spatial data modeling and data quality
  • Spatial workflow and spatial decision support
  • Virtual Globes and their application to scientific research and daily life
  • Location based services (LBS)
  • Wireless and mobile GIS solutions
  • Automated object extraction and database updates from imagery
  • Processing and application of high-resolution imagery
  • Integration of RS, GIS and GPS (3S)
  • LIDAR technology for DEM generation and 3D modeling
  • Geospatial education, such as virtual globes-based virtual education
  • Cartographic Theory and Applications
  • Data Models in Cartography
  • Spatial Decision Support Systems
  • Representation and Visualization of Geospatial Data
  • Errors and Their Measurements in Spatial Data
  • Acquisition and Processing of Remotely Sensed Data
  • Information Extraction from Remotely Sensed Data
  • Statistics and application models of spatial data
  • Satellite Positioning Technology and Location based service
  • Web GIS & Internet GIS
  • Urban GIS and its applications
  • Theories and Algorithms in GIS
  • Government and public GIS
  • Land Use / Land Cover Change
  • GIS for Environment and Health
  • Geo-spatial simulation
  • Geospatial computation
  • Environmental Criminology and Crime Simulation
  • Climate Changes and Global Environment


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