Symposium on Geoinformation and Earth Sciences: Human Habitat
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The strategy for the Geoinformation and Earth Sciences Major Area of CUHK is to seek scientific breakthroughs on important earth and environmental issues in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta, South China and Southeast Asia and to provide practical solutions toward a better human habitat.

We consider the contemporary environmental issues as the consequences of complex interactions among atmosphere, biosphere / ecosphere, hydrosphere as well as human impacts. Hence, our team is consisting of researchers from different backgrounds that facilitate an integrated platform to study complex environmental issues. We adopt cutting-edge technologies in Earth Sciences, Satellite Remote Sensing and Geospatial technologies to understand the complex atmosphere-sea-land interactions and provide new scientific insights to our environment. Besides, the CUHK Satellite Remote Sensing Ground Receiving Station provides the team with timely and comprehensive data so as to respond to ad hoc events happening in our target region.

This symposium is a showcase of our key research accomplishments in the two major areas: Air / Ocean / Land Interactions and Geoinformation Technologies. Our specialists of meteorology, ocean study, coastal environmental study, hydrology, agroecosystem, urban design, geographic information and satellite remote sensing sciences etc. will present the research updates on a common theme ĘC toward a better living environment for human.


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