Satellite Remote Sensing Reciving Station
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Price - The Chinese University of Hong Kong Satellite Remote Sensing Reciving Station

Attention: ESA declares end of mission for Envisat on 09 May 2012

CUHK Satellite Remote-sensing Ground Receiving Station ENVISAT Data ASAR Product

Appendix 2: ENVISAT ASAR Product Price List



1.      Basic Price


Product Mode

Price (Archive)

Price (Programming)

Image Mode

HK$4300 / scene*

HK$5800 / scene*

Wide Swath Mode

HK$4300 / scene

HK$5800 / scene

Alternating Polarisation Mode

HK$4300 / scene*

HK$5800 / scene*

* minimum order of 4 consecutive scenes for programming acquisitions



2.      Extra Programming Fee


Programming Mode*

Extra Programming Fee

Regular: Order received 16 days in advance

No extra fee required

Priority: Order received between 9-16 days

HK$5000 / per programming request*

Emergency: Order received between 4-9 days

HK$25000 / per programming request *

* One programming request includes:

1.                  Consecutive four Image Mode images, or

2.                  Consecutive four Alternating Polarisation Mode images, or

3.                  One Wide Swath Mode image



3.      Discounts for Volume Orders




Order of 10-15 scenes

5% Discount Off

Order of 16-50 scenes

10% Discount Off

Order of more than 50 scenes

15% Discount Off



4.      Non-profit Making Project conducted by Universities and Research institutes


To promote the applications and researches on Satellite Remote Sensing, additional discounts can be offered to Universities or Research Institutes for conducting non-profit making projects. Please contact us for details.