Satellite Remote Sensing Reciving Station
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Product - The Chinese University of Hong Kong Satellite Remote Sensing Reciving Station

CUHK Satellite Remote-sensing Ground Receiving Station in Full Operation

Data Catalogue


With commencement of the full operation, the Station can capture and process satellite-sourced remote sensing data and provide useful information to governments and private corporations in Hong Kong, South China and neighboring regions.


The region has been struck by many natural disasters in recent years, leading to severe civilian casualties and economic loss. These disasters include landslide, subsidence, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and typhoons. The Station will initially operate with radar image from ENVISAT Remote Sensing Satellite. This all-weather system can provide environment and natural disaster monitoring for Hong Kong and neighbouring regions despite the frequent rainy and cloudy weather. In the long run, the Station will serve as a platform to enhance technology collaboration between Hong Kong and mainland Chain, accelerating the development of the remote sensing industry in the greater Pearl River Delta region.


Currently, the Station mainly receives data from ENVISAT ASAR. The product specifications are as follows:




   An ASAR IM image of Hong Kong received by the Station

 on Dec 15, 2005



With the Station commences the full operation, the Institute invites government departments, academic organizations and private corporations to order satellite images or to conduct joint researches in image processing software and other value-added services. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Attention: ESA declares end of mission for Envisat on 09 May 2012