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Instructions for the Use of this Dataset

  • 本数据库供用者免费使用及下载数据档案,惟用者必须遵守以下条件。违者必究。
    1. 所有下载及输出信息,不得用作商业用途。
    2. 所有下载及输出信息在作出版用途时,必须标明来自本数据库。
    3. 下载及输出信息的加工成果不在此例。
    4. 所有下载及输出信息,不得用于违反任何香港特别行政区及中华人民共和国法律的任何用途。
    5. 使用1913底图时,必须注明无异议接受版权所有人Rockefeller Archive Center授权的条件信息如下:
  • The owners of this dataset grant permission to users to download and make use of the data therefrom free of charge, provided that the users observe the following conditions. Failure to do so may subject users to legal action.
    1. All downloaded and exported information from this dataset cannot be used for commercial purpose.
    2. All downloaded and exported information from this dataset can be used for publication purpose provided that citation of this dataset is properly made to the publication.
    3. Above conditions will not be applicable to new information being added to the information from this dataset.
    4. Any information derived from this dataset cannot be used in any way that may violate any laws in Hong Kong SAR and the People’s Republic of China.
    5. If the downloadable 1913 map is used in any publication, it must be clearly noted that the user has accepted without reservation the additional conditions of authorization as prescribed below by the owner of the map:
This map of Beijing (1913) is in the possession of Rockefeller Archive Center (China Medical Board, Inc. manuscript collection). The Rockefeller Archive Center grants permission for the posting of this map and for its posting so as to allow users of the dataset to download one or more images of the map. In granting these authorizations the Center asks that the posting of the map for which this authorization is given include a note to the effect that that users who download one or more images of the map request and receive permission to publish such image(s) as part of any published work or as a stand-alone publication of the map that a user of the dataset may undertake. This and all permissions to publish are granted, provided that such publication shall be consistent with all relevant provisions of United States copyright law and applicable copyright law of other relevant jurisdictions; and provided such publication shall not constitute or include an invasion of privacy or a libelous publication under United States law and provided that such publication shall not constitute or include an act equivalent to invasion of privacy or libelous publication under the law of any relevant jurisdiction.
  • 用者在数据库网页的常用链结页,可免费下载ArcView简单操作版软件。用者可选择所需的图层信息檔下载,并在該软件上运作。若需使用ArcView全部功能,可购买该软件使用。
  • 用者在本网页的在线软件页,亦可点击登入在线系统而使用HTML展示窗,从事简单的数据运作。简介见下页。
  • 在HTML展示窗,用者可以点击下载可见图层 (在图层表下端) 以下载选用中的图层信息檔。
  • 本数据库大部分信息经人手处理输入,虽然务求减少错漏,但手民之误恐难尽免。用者使用时必须自行小心校对原档案以求精确。
  • 本数据库信息来自相关档案馆及图书馆的开放信息或出版物,制作时并未检证其真实程度。用者使用时,应注意信息本身是否可靠。
  • 本数据库输入文字信息时,采用简体中文。请用简体中文界面检阅其内容。
  • HTML 展示窗无法以不同颜色显示数据差异。用者需在 ArcView 软件上取得相关效果。
  • Users can download free version of ArcView from the Useful Links in the Homepage menu of this dataset for simple operation with the data from this dataset. For fuller operation users need to purchase the latest version of the ArcView program.
  • Users can also enter the Online Resources of the Homepage menu and click onto the HTML window via Enter Online System. It will allow users to do simple operation of the data. See the HTML user manual (Using the HTML Viewer Interface) below.
  • For downloading of individual data files, users can go the HTML window, select specific data layer(s), and click the Download Visible Layers button below the Layer List to download the required data files.
  • The information contained in this dataset was processed by our staff. Although every effort was made to ensure accuracy in the process, there may still be errors and omissions. Users should check the information from this dataset against the original documents where possible to confirm its reliability.
  • The information of this dataset was collected from the publicly-accessible information or published materials of the archives and libraries we consulted. We did not check the accuracy of the original documents. Users should consider their reliability before use.
  • All data were processed in simplified Chinese characters. Simplified character platform must be used to display the attribute contents.
  • HTML Viewer cannot show differentiated colors for different bands of numerical data. Users can do it with the ArcView software.

Using the HTML Viewer Interface

  • HTML展示窗构件包括地图屏、数据库名称、工具表、图层表、比例尺及方向标。
  • 工具表在地图屏的左侧。包括HTML 展示窗所有工能键。图层表在工具表的左侧。按左边按钮打开某一图层类别,再按钮选择所需的图层(可同时选用超过一层)。己选取的图层将在地图屏上出现成为活动层,并可应用信息查询、灵活展示、制图输出等功能。再按该图层钮则活动层展示消失。如有更改,可按图层表下方的刷新地图钮,以观察更改的地方。
  • The HTML Viewer interface consists of a map display area, title, toolbar, layer list, scale bar and North arrow.
  • The Toolbar is on the left-hand side of the map display area. It includes all the tools of the HTML Viewer. Use the Toggle between Legend and LayerList button to switch between the layer list with active layer and visibility options and the legend with symbology. See HTML Viewer toolbar for more information about each tool.
  • The Layer List is on the left-hand side of the Toolbar. Click Active to make a layer active. The active layer is the layer against which querying, buffering, and so on will be performed.
  • Check a layer to make it visible; uncheck it to remove it from the map display. After making changes, you may click the Refresh Map button for your changes to be reflected on the map.

The HTML Viewer Toolbar

Toggle between Legend and LayerList

Switches back and forth between a legend with symbology and a layer list with visibility options.

Zoom In

Zooms in to the area of the map that you click or drag a box around.

Zoom Out

Zooms out from the area of the map that you click or drag a box around.

Zoom to Full Extent

Zooms to the full extent of the map.

Zoom to Active Layer

Zooms to the full extent of the active layer.

Back to Last Extent

Zooms to the previous extent.


Pans the display in the direction that you drag the mouse pointer.


Displays attribute information for the feature that you clicked.


Searches for features based on a query expression.


Finds map features with an attribute value matching a string that you type.


Selects the features of one layer that are within the specified buffer distance of selected features of another layer.

Select by Rectangle

Selects the group of features contained by or in contact with a rectangle you draw on the map.

Select by Line/Polygon

Selects the group of features contained by or in contact with a line or polygon you draw on the map.

Clear Selection

Clears the selected set of features.


Prints the map to your default printer.
更详细使用说明见本网址英文版HTML 用者手册,请按这里
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