Keynote Speakers

Michael Goodchild
University of California at Santa Barbara, USA, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, and co-author of the acclaimed textbook Geographic Information Systems and Science (Second Edition, Wiley, 2005)
Donna Peuquet
Pennsylvania State University, USA, whose recent book Representations of Space and Time (Guilford Press, 2005) provide the foundations for space-time visualizations in GI Science.
Keiji Yano
Ritsmeikan University, Japan, whose recent book on Virtual Kyoto: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of Kyoto (2007) illustrates how virtual environments can be created by merging CAD, 3D-GIS and time-space modeling.
Vincent Tao
Microsoft Virtual Earth, developed several innovative technologies and products, including 3-D Earth Web visualization and Exploration, 3-D modeling from imagery.


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