Dr. LI Rongrong (李蓉蓉博士)


BSc (Wuhan)




• Curriculum and Teaching Committee, Institute of Space & Earth Information Science, CUHK
• Examination Panel, Institute of Space & Earth Information Science, CUHK
• Seminar Coordinator, Institute of Space & Earth Information Science, CUHK

Selected Publications:

• Song, J., Huang, B., Li, R. and Pandey, R. (2019). Construction of the scale‑specific resilience index to facilitate multiscale decision making in disaster management: a case study of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Social Indicators Research. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11205-019-02188-8
• Au Yeung, C. and Li, R. (2018). Comparison of vegetation regeneration after wildfire between Mediterranean and tundra ecosystems by using Landsat images. Annals of GIS, 24(2): 99 – 112.
• Song, J., Huang, B. and Li, R. (2017). Measuring recovery to build up metrics of flood resilience based on pollutant discharge data: A case study in East China. Water, 9(8), 619.
• Leung, Y., Li, R. and Ji, N. (2017). Application of extended Dempster–Shafer theory of evidence in accident probability estimation for dangerous goods transportation. Journal of Geographical Systems, 19(3): 249 – 271.
• Li, X., Huang, B., Li, R. and Zhang, Y. (2016). Exploring the impact of high speed railways on the spatial redistribution of economic activities - Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration as a case study. Journal of Transport Geography, 57: 194 – 206.
• Zhang, C., Chen, M., Li, R., Fang, C. and Lin, H. (2016). What’s going on about geo-process modeling in virtual geographic environments (VGEs). Ecol. Model., 319: 147–154.
• Zhang, C., Chen, M., Li, R., Ding, Y. and Lin, H. (2015). A virtual geographic environment system for multiscale air quality analysis and decision making: A case study of SO2 concentration simulation. Applied Geography, 63: 326 – 336
• Ou, J., Zheng, J., Li, R., Huang, X., Zhong, Z., Zhong, L. and Lin, H. (2015). Speciated OVOC and VOC emission inventories and their implications for reactivity-based ozone control strategy in the Pearl River Delta region, China. Science of the Total Environment, 530–531: 393–402.
• Zhang, C., Lin, H., Chen, M., Li, R. and Zeng, Z. (2014). Scale compatibility analysis in geographic process research: A case study of a meteorological simulation in Hong Kong. Applied Geography, 52: 135 – 143.
• Wu, B., Li, R. and Huang, B. (2014) A geographically and temporally weighted autoregressive model with application to housing prices. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 28(5): 1186 – 1204.
• Li, R., Leung, Y., Lin, H. and Huang, B. (2013). An adaptive compromise programming method for multi-objective path optimization. Journal of Geographical Systems, 15(2): 211 – 228.
• Li, R., Leung, Y., Huang, B. and Lin, H. (2013). A genetic algorithm for multi-objective dangerous goods route planning. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 27(6): 1073 – 1089.
• Sun, G., Lin, H. and Li, R. (2012) Measuring the influence of built environment on walking behavior: an accessibility approach. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. N. Xiao, M.-P. Kwan, M. Goodchild and S. Shekhar (Eds), Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. 7478/2012: 187-197.
• Li, R. and Leung, Y. (2011). Multi-objective route planning for dangerous goods using compromise programming. Journal of Geographical Systems, 13(3): 249 – 271.

Research Projects Involved:
• 06/2018 – 10/2019. “Spatiotemporal Modeling of Economic Impacts of High-speed Railways in China”. CUHK Direct Grant.
• 10/2015 – 02/2016. “PM2.5 Study for Air Quality Improvement in the Pearl River Delta Region – Field Sampling and Laboratory Analysis of PM2.5 Samples in Macau”. Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau Fund.
• 10/2013 – 10/2015. “Developing gridded emission inventories to support the upgraded PATH modeling system”. Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department Fund.
• 01/2013 – 01/2015. “Urban Resilience Planning for Nansha New District, Guangzhou”. Sponsored by Horizontal Project Funded by Enterprise.
• 10/2012 – 03/2015. “Evaluation Technology and Demonstrative Platform for Cross-boundary Air Pollution in the Pearl River Delta Region”. Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Fund.
• 01/2013 – 01/2015. “Scale Adaptability Study Based on Process Simulation - a Case Study of Air Quality Process in GPRD”. CUHK Direct Grant.
• 01/2012 – 06/2014. “Exploring the Influence of Built Environment on Walking Behavior using Controlled Experiment: CUHK as a Case Study”. CUHK Direct Grant.
• 11/2011 – 11/2013. “Optimal Route Planning for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods”. General Research Fund of the Hong Kong Research Grant Council.

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