Research Staff

Dr. Zihan KAN
Dr. Humin LIU
Dr. Guoqiang SHI
GIS and health geography Climate Change and Urban Sustainability SAR Interferometry and Geo-hazards Monitoring
Mr. Guangen YE
Ms. Yumei ZHAO
Dr. Jiannan CAI
SAR Interferometry and Tomography SAR Interferometry and Tomography Human Mobility and Environmental Health
Dr. Weitao CHE
Mr. Richin CHIN
InSAR based Urban Physical Examination, Digital Twin City, City Information Modeling, 3D Visualization GIS and Cognitive Geography SAR Interferometry, GIS
Mr. Zhuoyi ZHAO
Mr. Lok LEE
Mr. Weisong LI
Computer Vision and Machine Learning GIS and soil science SAR change detection and intelligent interpretation
Mr. Feng GU
SAR Object Detection and Terrain Classification

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