Research Students

Mr. Jie CHEN
Ms. Yuting CHEN
Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and Tomography Phase Unwrapping Virtual Geographic Environments Visual Geographic Environment and Close-range Photogrammetry
Mr. Xianzhi HU
Mr. Wenfeng LAI
RS Application and Construction of RS Information Platform Virtual Geographic Environments Ocean Numerical Modeling and Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling
Ms. Xia LEI
Ms. Yiyin LIN
Mr. Zhiqiang LI
Ocean optics and remote sensing Multi-sensor Image Fusion The Environmental and Social Cost of Urbanization; The Planning and Monitoring System of Sustainable Urban Development
Ms. Mingfeng LIU
Ms. Yuzhou LIU
Mr. Zhen LIU
Vegetation and ecological Remote Sensing Radar Remote Sensing and SAR Interferometry Application Radiative Forcing and Rapid Adjustment of Aerosols
Mr. PRAMUDYA Fabian Surya
Mr. Guoqiang SHI
Ms. Jing WANG
Coastal and ocean remote sensing analysis using synthetic aperture radar Spatial-temporal Image Fusion
Mr. Jingkai WANG
Mr. Jionghua WANG
Ms. Man Yee Micky WONG
GIS and Urban Traffic Estimation Urban land-use optimization and spatial analysis Geographic Information System
Ms. Ling XIAN
Ms. Ru XU
Mr. Kunhui YE
Virtual Geographic Environment Remote sensing time-series analysis SAR Interferometry and Tomography
Ms. Ting ZHANG
Mr. Zhuoyi ZHAO
Virtual Geographic Environments;
Sensor Technology and Application
Air Pollution, Urban planning and Human Behavior Computer Vision and Machine Learning

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