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  1. CUHK eMotion - Connecting the Space and the Earth    view
  2. CPGIS 1992 Part 1 (Opening Ceremony)(Copyright reserved by CPGIS, LIN Hui)   download
  3. CPGIS 1992 Part 2 (Opening Ceremony)(Copyright reserved by CPGIS, LIN Hui)   download
  4. CPGIS 1992 Part 3 (Lab tour and the picnic reception)(Copyright reserved by CPGIS, LIN Hui)   download
  5. CPGIS 2002 (Edited video)(Copyright reserved by CPGIS, ISEIS)   download
  6. Documentary of Academician CHEN Jiyu   download
  7. GeoInformatics 1995 (Opening Ceremony)(Copyright reserved by CPGIS, GRM, ISEIS)   download
  8. For CPGIS 20 Years    view 1   view 2   view 3
  9. The 20th CPGIS Anniversary 1992 to 2012    view
  10. 365 Days of CPGIS    view
  11. Geoinformatics 2012 (Openging Ceremony)(Copyright reserved by ISEIS)    download
  12. Geoinformatics 2012 (Keynote Speach: Che Kwan Shum)(Copyright reserved by ISEIS)    download
  13. Geoinformatics 2012 (Keynote Speach: Deren Li)(Copyright reserved by ISEIS)    download
  14. Geoinformatics 2012 (Keynote Speach: Michael Goodchild)(Copyright reserved by ISEIS)    download
  15. Geoinformatics 2012 (Welcome Banquet)(Copyright reserved by CPGIS, ISEIS)    download
  16. Story of Map by Academician Chen Shupeng(Copyright reserved by CCTV-10)    download
  17. The 10th anniversary of ISEIS    view    download
  18. The 2nd DBAR 2017 and The 3rd RSATSA 2017 photo overview    download

Research Data
  1. Research data of built environment influence walking behaviors    download

  1. Programmes offered by Graduate Division of GeoInformation Science    download
  2. Brochure of Institute of Space and Earth Information Science    download
  3. Pamphlet of Master of Science in National Geo-survey (Full Time & Part Time)    download
  4. Pamphlet of MPhil-PhD Programme in Earth System and GeoInformation Science (Full Time & Part Time)    download

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