Professor MA Peifeng (馬培峰教授)

Research Assistant Professor 



Research projects:

1. RGC GRF 2020-2022: Deep Learning of InSAR Time-Series Deformation for Infrastructural Health Diagnosis (PI, HKD497,362,国际合作)

2. NSFC 2020-2023: 基于多基线InSAR数据的基础设施形变快速精细化反演与时序预测 (PI,RMB 610,000,国家级)

3. NSFC 2016-2019: 多云多雨条件下复杂城市环境永久散射体的稳健估计方法(PI,RMB190,000,国家级)

4. RGC AOE 2019-2027:Centre for Slope Safety (Participant,HKD91.852 million,国际合作)

5. ITF 2018-2020: Continuous Land Cover Change Monitoring Using High-Resolution SAR Images for Hong Kong (PI, HKD4.351 million,省部级)

6. ITF 2016-2019: Pilot Study on the Use of Remote Sensing Techniques in Ground Deformation Monitoring for the Hong Kong International Airport (PI, HKD4.122 million,省部级)
7. AXA 2016-2018: Research Fund Remote sensing of infrastructural dynamics and early warning of risks for a sustainable built environment
(PI, Euro130,000)

Research papers:

P. Ma., Wang, W., Zhang, B., Wang, J., Shi, G., Huang, G., Chen, F., Jiang, L., & Lin, H. Remotely sensing large-and small-scale ground subsidence: A case study of the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area of China. Remote Sensing of Environment, 232, 111282, 2019.
P. Ma, Li, T., Fang, C., & Lin, H. A tentative test for measuring the sub-millimeter settlement and uplift of a high-speed railway bridge using COSMO-SkyMed images. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 155, 1-12, 2019.
P. Ma, Liu, Y., Wang, W., & Lin, H. Optimization of PSInSAR networks with application to TomoSAR for full detection of single and double persistent scatterers. Remote Sensing Letters, 10, 717-725, 2019.
Liu, Y., P. Ma*, Lin, H., Wang, W., & Shi, G. Distributed Scatterer InSAR Reveals Surface Motion of the Ancient Chaoshan Residence Cluster in the Lianjiang Plain, China. Remote Sensing, 11, 166, 2019.
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